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03 September 2010 @ 12:45 am
 Ahhh! This community has been dead for 9 months?! Aiyoo... such a terrible mod, ne? Forgive me.... I hope to make up for it by giving you these gifs... :) SNSD and CN Blue love!!! hehe

***SNSD gif #4 and #8 are epic fail on my browser (firefox), the frames are just too fast. Although I did try it on IE and it seems fine, so let me know how its displayed on your browser...***
(not actual size...)
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08 January 2010 @ 07:49 pm
These have been sitting in my icon folder for AGGGEEESSS so I decided to upload them now whilst I have some spare time :D

[3] SNSD
[5] Wonder Girls
[4] Super Junior
[22] FT Island

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02 September 2009 @ 01:43 pm
Hope you like these icons! A lot of Boys Over Flowers, although the F4 gif sets are not yet complete as you'll see (stil have to do Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo).
I also started making mini-icons or blinkies, whatever you wanna call them. Personally, I use them on my journal's sidebar (noypi_buzz ), under my fandoms list. Instead of listing my fandoms, I make these mini-icons. Obviously, I will most likely be making my own fandoms, so if you have any suggestions/request for the mini-icons please comment below. XD


[2] Sarah Geronimo
[6] SS501 (Group, Hyun Joong, Kyu)
[4] Big Bang
[2] 2ne1
[12] Boys Over Flowers
[2] Kim So Eun
[10] Kim Bum
[3] twent_icontest icon entries (Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang)

[6] Wonder Girls, Kim Bum, SS501, Fahrenheit, Boys Over Flowers

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23 July 2009 @ 04:13 pm
These are the icons I made for projectsunset . The icons were from iBattles 001-008 and all sets have a special theme. I have also included my icon entries from the Chaos Thread (June/July).
I'm not gonna specifically tag this post cos it's a very broad icon post.


~Please credit noypi_creations  or noypi_buzz  if taking
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15 May 2009 @ 08:09 pm

[3] Sarah Geronimo (w/ John Lloyd Cruz, ASAP Stars)
[2] Anne Curtis (w/ Sam MIlby and Angelica Panganiban)
[5] Taylor Swift
[10] Fahrenheit (group)
[10] Aaron Yan (solos)
[5] Jiro Wang (solos)
[1] Wu Chun (solo)
[8] Rainie Yang (solos)
[11] Show Luo
[11] Hey Girl (group, Meimei solos, Guigui solos)
[3] Xiao Gui
[23] Pi Li MIT (solos, Gui3x, GuiLun)
[10] ToGetHer

[1] Show Luo
[1] Fahrenheit
[1] ToGetHer
[1] Hey Girl


~Please credit if taking

~Do not claim any of these graphics as your own
~Comments are LOVE

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